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Frequently Asked Questions



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    I have not received a valid tracking number?

    Normally the online tracking becomes visible after 24 hours from the dispatch time. You can re-check the tracking details after 24 hours. Even then if online tracking is not available, please drop us an email at ................. or call us at +91 9879559603 Monday-Saturday (10:00 AM - 06:00 PM) IST

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    Are taxes included in your selling price?

    Yes, taxes are included in our selling price. Any tax will not be added separately in addition to the selling price displayed on our website.

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    I have not received the items but online tracking shows delivered?

    Usually online tracking shows correct information. It might be possible that someone else have accepted delivery on your behalf. We request you to re-check with you family members, neighbors or security. Even then if you are not able to locate the shipment, please drop us an email at ......... and we will look into the matter on top priority.

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    Online tracking shows shipment return to origin (RTO). What does it mean?

    The courier companies return the shipment back to the origin and update status as return to origin if:

    • The premises were closed where the shipment was to be delivered
    • The delivery address was not complete
    • The number provided by you was not contactable
    • The recipient refused to accept the delivery
    • For COD orders, payment was not done

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    I have not received my ordered items?

    An estimate delivery date is mentioned from our side. Sometimes the courier companies take a day or two additionally to deliver the order due to some unavoidable circumstances. Please be assured that you will receive your ordered items shortly.


Customer Account

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    Can I view products I have added to my wishlist?

    To view products added in your wishlist please follow below steps:

    1. Click "Login" at the top right corner
    2. Mention your email ID and password
    3. Select Wishlist under your name on top right corner
    4. Products added in your wishlist will appear

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    Can I view all orders placed by me till date?

    To view orders placed by you till date please follow below steps:

    1. Click "Login" on the top right corner
    2. Mention your email ID and password 
    3. Select "Order History" under your name on top right corner
    4. Each and every order placed by you will appear
    5. Click on "Order No" to view order details

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    Can I change my account details?

    To change your account details please follow below steps:

    1. Click "Login" on the top right corner
    2. Mention your email ID and password
    3. Select "Edit Profile" under your name displayed on the top right corner
    4. Make required changes 
    5. Click "Submit"and your account details will get updated

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    How can I create my account at your website?

    To create your account please follow below steps:

    1. Click "Signup" on the top right corner 
    2. Fill all required information
    3. Tick the checkbox "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions"
    4. Click "Submit" and your account will be created


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    Will I get any confirmation that my payment was done successfully?

    Once your payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email. In case you do not receive any confirmation email we request you to drop us an email at customersupport@milkyleaf.com .

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    Will I be charged if my transaction fails?

    Transactions can fail in case of inaccurate information provided to the payment gateway or in case your internet connection gets disrupted while the transaction is still in process. If your transaction fails, any amount that has been charged from your account will be rolled back within 7 working days. For further queries and assistance you may drop an email at customersupport@milkyleaf.com . 

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    Do I need to provide my card details and passwords on the email or phone?

    We never ask any of our customers to share their card details and passwords on the email or phone. This information must be kept confidential.

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    Is using Credit Card on your website secured?

    Undoubtedly Yes. Milky Leaf provides fully secured payment option. We ensure that all credit card transactions are secured. Any information provided by the customer is directly submitted to our banks. We do not retain any credit card information once you have placed your order online.

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    What are the different modes for making payment?

    You can make the payment via different modes: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Cheque Deposit and Cash Deposit. In addition to this you can also select COD payment option where you have to pay at the time of delivery. 


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