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Knitted Fabric

Knitted Fabric - Interlocking yarns with use of needles and making porous and elastic fabric is reffered to as knitting. Knitted fabrics are popular as they are wrinkle free fabrics. Sports clothing is made from knitted fabric as it is more elastic and flexible as compared to other fabrics. 

Methods of knitting 

⦁ Warp knitting - Different threads are used to make loops horizontally in warp knitting like sweaters. Length of fabric have loops. Elasticity is maintained in the length of the fabric. Any design can be created easily. Coarse fabric is produced by warp knitting.

⦁ Weft knitting - One thread is used to make a horizontal row of loops in weft knitting. Mostly this method is used for making knitted fabrics. Width of fabric have loops. Elasticity is maintained in the width of the fabric. Creating designs is comparatively difficuilt. Thin fabric is produced by weft knitting.

Identification of knitted fabric - Tiny rows of braids are created by one continuous yarn in knitted fabric. This fabric will stretch more in width as compared to its length. If a knitted fabric is crushed it will have wrinkles but on releasing the fabric it will regain it's shape leaving few wrinkles on the fabric.

Types of knitted fabric 

⦁ Cotton Jersey knit-  In this knitted fabric, the rightside of the fabric contains knit stitches - vertical yarn. The wrong side of the fabric contains purl stitches - horizontal yarn. The right side of this fabric curls parallel to the selvedge and the wrong side curls perpendicular to the selvedge. Usually this fabric has prints on the right side. 

⦁ Cotton Interlock knit - This fabric is like back side of two pieces of jersey knit fabric attatched together with the same thread. This fabric looks like jersey knit but it is more stretchy as compared to other knitted fabrics and it doesn't curl. 

⦁ Cotton Ribbed knit - This fabric has knit as well as purl stitches alternately on one side and purl stiches get knitted and knitted stitches gets purled on the other side of the fabric. Both sides of this fabric look same and like interlock knitted fabric, this fabric doesn't curl. Rib knit is more stretchable and hence it is good for making collars and necklines. 

⦁ Cotton lycra and cotton spandex knit - Women apparels are made from this fabric as it is very soft. For making cotton leggings, this fabric is considered best as it contains lycra which gives a good stretch. Cut edges of this fabric easily get curled.

⦁ French terry knit - The other name for this fabric is Jersey terry. This fabric can be worn casually as it gives a very comfortable feel to the wearer. Tiny loops are there on one side of the fabric, while the other side is flat. 

⦁ Hacci sweater knit - This fabric is lighter in weight and like sweater it gives a very soft feel to the wearer. Texture of this fabric is more loopy. Cotton, wool, polyester and spandex are usually used for making this fabric. Sweater and cardigans are made from Hacci sweater knit fabric. 

⦁ Sweatshirt fleece - The outer layer of this fabric is smooth and the inner side has super soft fleece. Sewing of this fabric is easy due to it's less stretching capacity. Sweatshirt tops, sweat pants, bottoms for jogging and hoodies are made from sweatshirt fleece.  

⦁ Jersey rayon spandex - The weight of the fabric is lighter compared to other fabrics. It is used for making nightgowns, kid's tees, etc. In hot weather this fabric remains cool. 

⦁ Ponte de roma - This fabric has a side-to-side texture. This type of knit is easy to sew, has a good stretch, resist creases and wrinkles. In warm weather, the wearer of this fabric feels heat as it doesn't breath well. Tops, jackets, bottoms, skirts and many other apparels can be made by this fabric. 

Care - Knitted garments should be washed seperately using mild detergents. Bleaching of garment will deteriorate it's quality. Never use drying modes to dry them as this will stretch the fabric. Let them dry naturally. The best place to store them is the dark shelf of your wardrobe. To prevent insect breeding, smell granules should be kept between the fabric. To maintain the shape of the garments avoid using hangers as they will de-shape the garment. 

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