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Quality Control Process

In any manufacturing industry, it's very important to maintain the quality of the final product.  Quality control means 'a system of maintaining set standards in final manufactured products by randomly testing a sample of the output against the specifications'. All the time taken for manufacturing and the efforts made, go in vain if the quality of the final product does not match with the customer specifications. Special care has to be taken in garment manufacturing industry right from sourcing the fabric till the final finished garments. We at Milky Leaf consider below factors in our quality control process.

Type of Fabric - Selecting the best fabric requires lot of efforts. We use one of the best quality of Rayon (Modal) / Viscos (Modal) fabric.  Cambric cotton of super dying quality is also used for manufacturing our garments. Rayon and cambric cotton are very soft and the wearer feels very comfortable in this fabric. 

Printing of the fabric - The process used in printing our fabrics is screen printing on rotary machines in the mills of Ahmedabad as the inks used in screen printing are very durable and a unique visual effect is created. We don’t use hand screen printing process. 

Printing Technique - To maintain the softness of the fabric we use Discharge Printing technique. Pure cotton fabrics are used for this printing technique. By using this technique all-over prints are made on the garment and the clarity of design on the fabric improves. 

Print Quality - We use only azo free dyes for printing our fabrics and they don't cause any harm to the wearer. In garment industry there are 24 banned amines listed below:

No.Substance NameCAS no
82,4- xylidine95-68-1
17 4,4’-thiodianiline139-65-1
22 p-chloroaniline106-47-8

Pattern Cutting
-  Once the pattern is finalised on a paper or cardboard, to make a perfect fitted garment our pattern masters having 25 years of experience manually cut patterns in spacious and well lit rooms. The initial pattern is resized which is called grading. Manual grading is done by our expert pattern masters.

Stitching - Perfectly stitched garment makes you feel the difference. For stitching our fabrics we are using Japanese Zuki machines. Each 10 mm of fabric have 8 stitches to give you a perfect fitting.

Stitching Thread - The best and more stronger 3 Ply cotton thread is used for stitching our fabrics. Tight and smooth stitching is done by this thread. It easily gets dyed as compared to other threads. 3 ply cotton thread gains more strength due to the special glaze coating on the thread.

Washing  - Cotton fabrics often get shrink after first wash. If the garment purchased shrinks, it becomes useless as the size of the fabric changes. We take care that every single piece is washed before export so that the size of the fabric is maintained and no shrinkage appears on the fabric.

Finishing - We consider below factors for checking each and every garment:

Extra threads if appear on any garment are properly cut.

Printed garments are inspected to avoid any misprinting on the garment.

We reject the garment if any spotting appears on it as it becomes useless for the wearer.

Garments are perfectly balanced and given shape by applying steam iron on them.

On customers specifications we do customised Tagging, Barcoding and Poly packing.

Every garment is washed to avoid any shrinkage.

As per customers demand we pack garments in blisters and blisters into boxes.

Every garment passes through metal detector machines to detect any broken needles in the garment. 

Packing - Before packing a garment we check each and every garment should have a barcode. We take care of the barcode size, height, colour and location. We do barcoding in a way that the scanners can easily read the barcodes. We can use any printing standard for barcoding as per your need like: Code 128 · ‎Code 39 · ‎EAN-13. We do take special care for packing the garments so that they do not get damaged in transit. Hanger packaging is also available on request.

On special request, we can provide PCP and TeCP test report for our garments.


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